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A free, democratic, and prosperous Tigray: a nation with capabilities to contribute to security, justice, peace, and development for the wellbeing of the present and future generations.


To minimize Tigray’s bioecological, social, economic, and environmental problems using innovative solutions by the coming half a dozen years.


Transparency is an important value we give to both our supporters and beneficiaries. Using modern fundraising and project commissioning systems, we also remain accountable for what we do and say.

Tigray Needs Us

During the nearly 3 yearlong blockages on Tigrai, charity organizations, including UNHCR and USAID, have witnessed that more 95% of air for IPDs in Tigrai came from Tigrians themselves. Together, we can help ourselves.

Focus Areas

Tentatively, we selected the following strategic-thematic areas for Tigray’s economic renewal, diversification, and development. We understand that TCID’s strategy sounds too ambitious and unattainable. But, this is intentionally so, because it provides TCID a variety of flexible options to choose the right type of project for a right cause and location at the right time, through dialogue with agencies of the Government of Tigray (GoT). For example, operations of a single-type project that the GoT recommended can be carried out in multiple locations, subject to TCID’s budgetary resources. It should be noted that more than one project can be initiated and managed under each strategic area. However, we always welcome new ideas. TCID is a growing and dynamic philanthropic society. For now, divided into two phases, the following are our selected strategic-thematic areas of action:

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Tigray children have the right to go to school and Tigray people need a good medical system. But they cannot afford to have it.

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Our Activities

Thanks to your donations and vounteering, we have accomplished a range of activities. Following are some of the rencent ones.